Permanent makeup

Micro-pigmentation, also known as permanent makeup, is a procedure where pigment is applied into the first layer of the skin. Permanent makeup provides excellent results when used on eyebrows, lips, and the eyelash line (eyeliner).


Benefits of permanent makeup

  • Increases the size and fullness of the natural lip line.
  • Reduces the signs of aging. Men and women lose lip colour as part of the aging process, but permanent makeup is especially effective for restoring pigment.
  • Saves time for people on the go.
  • Camouflages scars.
  • Eliminates the worry of reapplying makeup.
  • Provides natural lines of definition.
  • Enhances shape of eyes and eyebrows.
  • Lasts up to 12 years.
  • Saves money over time.
  • Always looks naturally good.


Permanent makeup eyebrows


  • Consultation fee* $25
  • Upper eye liner $175
  • Lower eye liner $175
  • Upper and lower eye liner $300
  • Eyebrows $350
  • Lip liner $150
  • Full lip shading with lip liner $400
  • Microblading $499

* The consultation fee includes an assessment of your skin type, determining the design, and an assessment of how the colour will look once it is applied under your skin.

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permanent makeup lips

What to expect

We are committed to providing you with results that look natural and that truly enhance your face. To achieve that, micro-pigmentation for eyes (eyeliner), eyebrows, and lips usually requires a minimum of three visits. Our approach is careful. For your first visit, micro-pigmentation will be applied conservatively so that we can ensure that the coverage is just right for you. On your second visit, we will assess how you’ve healed from the first treatment, and how the first treatment looks. For your second and third treatments, we will add to the first application to perfect your look and ensure that your treatment looks natural.

Please note that immediately after your treatment, your brows, eyeliner, or lips will look darker than you expected. This is completely normal and is a result of the pigmentation sitting on top of your skin. The pigmentation on the surface of your skin is necessary to allow your skin to absorb the colour, and the extra pigmentation will flake off within one to two weeks after your treatment. Swelling is also completely normal, and will subside in two to three days.