Removal of Skin Tags & Blemishes

Effectively Removing Skin Tags and Blemishes


Removal of Skin Tags, Broken Capillaries, and Other Blemishes

Our trained and certified technician can safely, effectively, and permanently remove many annoying skin blemishes that will not otherwise go away. Our noninvasive procedure uses mild currents to treat blemishes and has been used cosmetically for decades. Treatments are quick and painless, although some patients may feel a slight prickling sensation. Sessions are between five and fifteen minutes in length. Most conditions are effectively treated within one to three sessions. The results are truly amazing.

We use single-use, disposable, sterile stylus tips to ensure that treatment is safe and hygienic. Skin reaction after the treatment is minimal and disappears after a few days.


Skin Tags

Skin tags are small, harmless, growths of extra skin. We can remove them quickly, without painful freezing or sutures. Skin tags will not recur, although new ones may appear somewhere else.


Broken Capillaries

Broken capillaries are tiny dilated blood vessels that are visible through the skin. They become more common as we age and our skin loses its elasticity. Some of the most common factors that promote their formation are excessive sun exposure, drastic temperature changes, consuming alcoholic beverages, and consuming hot and spicy foods. Once they form, broken capillaries will not disappear on their own. Like skin tags, broken capillaries will not recur once removed, although new ones may appear somewhere else.


Ruby Points

Ruby points, also known as cherry angiomas, are tiny clusters of capillaries that appear on the surface of the skin. They usually appear as red dots but can also range in color to purple. They can be permanently removed in minutes and will not return in the same spot.



Blotchy skin on the face, neck, and upper chest can also be effectively treated to remove discoloration and restore an even skin tone.



Milia are hard, white to yellow bumps that typically appear on the nose, cheeks, and around the eyes. Milia cysts are harmless and occur when keratin becomes trapped beneath the surface of the skin. Milia bumps can remain for weeks, months, and often longer. Removal is fast, easy, and painless.


Cholesterol Deposits

Cholesterol deposits around the eyes appear as soft, flat bumps of fat just below the skin. They can range in size, from very small to as large as an inch across.

This treatment is not suitable for anyone with diabetes, epilepsy, on blood thinners, anti-coagulation medication, who uses a pacemaker, or pregnant women. Because treatment involves the use of radio frequency and DC current, anyone with a pacemaker cannot undergo treatment. If you take anti-coagulate medication or have a circulatory disorder, you will not receive the desired result because this treatment coagulates the blood.

Value Pricing

Value pricing includes the removal of your choice of brown spots, red ruby spots, facial spider veins, broken capillaries, skin tags, or moles during one treatment session. Packages cannot be used across multiple treatment sessions. Pricing is shown in ranges. Exact pricing will be determined at the time of your visit and will depend on the condition of the area to be treated.

12 Blemishes
$60 – $100
$60 – $100
6 Blemishes
$30 – $60
$30 – $60
3 Blemishes
$15 – $30
$15 – $30